[alsa-devel] snd_pcm_pause kills plaback handle on OMAP4

john at johnandjuliet.com john at johnandjuliet.com
Fri Sep 16 15:31:09 CEST 2011

Thanks for the response.

Yea I guess my question is a bit thin and the setup is a bit more
complex so I should list the particulars:

* This is on an OMAP4 BLAZE ES2.2 or 2.3 processor
* Running Android Linux 2.6.35 from the TI release version G.1
* I am actually configuring ALSA to utilize the MODEM audio path 
(which is hw:0,5 that routes McBSP2 audio to/from the 6040's speaker and

* The McBSP is configured for slave mode network SSI with the audio flow
on slots 0 and 1
(the default was I2S)
* McBSP is configured for 8K sps two channel 32-bit samples (though it
could be 16 bit samples too)

I guess the way I wrote the first email that I made it sound like it is
the McBSP that is not working
however it could be that while I am sending in audio perhaps the McBSP2
is working (not sure where I could look at data comming in down in the
kernel <help plz> but if the McBSP2 is working then it could be that the
data is not getting to the 6040?!

> On Wednesday 14 September 2011 11:13:22 john at johnandjuliet.com wrote:
> > I'm trying to control the McBSP2 that is used for the modem in an
> > android environment (BLAZE OMAP4)
> What kernel are you using?

2.6.35 released by TI for Android Gingerbread.  TI tags this as their G1
release (they are up to G3 now)

> > What I am trying to do is control the audio paths for capture and
> > playback seperatly like in a SIMPLEX (half duplex) instead of full
> > DUPLEX mode audio ..
> So either playback, or capture, but never both at the same time?

Yes.  The device cannot do full duplex.  The ALSA config for hw:0,5 is
to route audio from McBSP2 to/from the 6040 (ABE) 

The stock Android alsa lib package opens up handles for both capture and
playback and then turns on audio hardware both MICs and Speakers.

> > I also want to stop the audio without total
> > shutdown of the audio system.
> > 
> > From what I can see that would be to call snd_pcm_pause(handle,bool)
> > 
> > But here is what happens.  With the handle forthe plaback path
> > everything works OK... But if I call that then the capture path stops
> > working... even if I try to turn on (unpause) both paths.
> So you have both playback and capture opened, if you pause the playback, and 
> release it, then the capture path stops working?
> Or you mean that doing the pause/release with playback, then closing it, after 
> that the capture is not working?

If they are both flowing and I pause capture then playback stops and
though I can un-pause capture playback never comes back.

I'll have to double check but I think if I pause playback and then
un-pause it... that too breaks and playback never resumes.

> > This implies some sort of bug in the omap soc driver?
> Everything is possible. I have not heard such about such a problem myself.
> If this issue exist on OMAP4, it should be present on OMAP3 as well...

OK.  perhaps though as I just noted I left out that this could actually
be a problem on the speaker flow out and not the McBSP2 flow in.. What
do you think?  The OMAP4 audio system is much different than OMAP3 on
the speaker/mic side so I guess it could be a problem there?

> Could you be more specific on the scenario?
> What codec you have attached to McBSP2 port?
> Are you using ABE, or are you using the McBSP2 port directly?

I have my own simplex modem connected and it is generating 8ksps audio
on slot 0 (first 32 bits) and the McBSP is configured that way.

I am using the ABE to turn on the speaker hardware and the 6040 side of

Mostly I am using the TI ALSA layer they provide for Android ALSA audio
control and simply placed into it at a key point a snd_pcm_pause() for
when I want to turn the capture off or on and another place for the
playback to be off or on.

Typically capture and playback are not both on at the same time.. You
are either speaking or you are listening.  This is like a CB radio or a
Walkie Talkie type of situation.  To save power and also reduce static
the speaker is only turned on when the modem on McBSP2 indicates that it
wants to play audio and that is when I would do a
snd_pcm_pause(playbackhandle,0); when the audio from the modem stops and
I get the signal from the modem then I call

When I want to talk then I do the snd_pcm_pause(capture_handle,0); and
when I stop talking then I do the pause on the capture_handle.

I will have to check but I think if I pause EITHER one then playback
stops working.  Playback does work if all I do is an open and not mess
with it and just do the ALSA set controls to turn on the speaker.

> CC-ing Jarkko to catch his attention...
> --
> Péter


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