[alsa-devel] OSS emulation and hardware configuration

Mike Crowe drmikecrowe at gmail.com
Wed Sep 14 17:20:41 CEST 2011

> Does the changing of the rate actually succeed?

Surprisingly, that's hard to answer.  Normally, most of our audio is
at 48K (we control the sound files), so the device stays at that rate.
 However, a new library we added (for voip communications) is
hard-coded to 8K sample rate via OSS, and I'm now trying to work out
dual usage by our ALSA code and this library's OSS interface.

Before I added these kernel printouts, I was convinced the system was
switching rates properly (because I added 8K rate support to the
hardware driver to get the voip library working).  However, my current
debug load shows the rate changing in the pcm_oss module, but I never
see that rate hit the hardware the way I expected.

If it isn't hitting the hardware, I suppose it could be up/down
converted by ALSA, but I don't have any plugins installed.  I thought
I needed a plugin for ALSA to convert between the two rates, right?


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