[alsa-devel] problem with RME DSP MADI, kernel 2.6.38 and hdspmixer from git

Maarten de Boer maarten at resorama.com
Sat Sep 10 10:52:44 CEST 2011

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the reply.

> Forget all this, as I just learned, monitor out is 63/64

Yes, I know this. But I find it confusing that, just by opening hdspmixer
the first time after loading the snd-hdspm module, all channels get routed
to 63/64, as this happens "under the hood". I understand though that this
routing makes more sense than the initial setting where you only hear
channel 63 and 64. Looking at the hdspmixer code, I don't see when this
happens but I will investigate a bit more so I fully understand this.

> I don't know how familiar you are with hdspmixer, if in doubt, consult
> the README.

I am new to hdspmixer. I am looking for the TotalMix documentation now,
but your explanation below makes sense.

> What you might want to do: activate submix mode (either by pressing S or
> clicking on the appropriate menu items), then choose "63+64" below an
> input or playback fader, thus changing all faders to operate on 63+64.
> Adjust according to your needs.

Okay. Thanks again,


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