[alsa-devel] ASoC: auto-loading board-specific modules

Mans Rullgard mans.rullgard at linaro.org
Thu Sep 8 00:16:47 CEST 2011

Currently in ASoC, there is for each supported board a module describing the
board-specific DAI links by creating a "soc-audio" platform device with an
associated struct snd_soc_card.

The problem with this is that these modules are not automatically loaded
by udev (or other device-scanning mechanisms) so some intervention is
required before sound will work.

I can think of a few different ways to make everything happen automatically:

1. Build the board-specific bits into the platform modules which are
   already loaded as platform drivers.

2. Create another platform device whose only function is to cause the board
   modules to be loaded.

3. Something entirely different.

Someone had a recollection of the current scheme being introduced as a
"temporary" solution a couple of years ago, in which case it is about
time it got fixed.

I'd appreciate some input on which direction to pursue this before spending
time on a potentially inappropriate solution.

Mans Rullgard
mans.rullgard at linaro.org

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