[alsa-devel] A debug version of the ALSA lib?

Daniel Mack zonque at gmail.com
Fri Sep 2 14:46:47 CEST 2011

On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 12:55 PM, Paul Menzel
<paulepanter at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> Am Freitag, den 02.09.2011, 12:43 +0200 schrieb Daniel Mack:
>> On Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 10:44 AM, Olivier Guillion - Myriad wrote:
>> >> Or just use the binary Ubuntu packages and be done.
>> >
>> > Sorry, but what does it mean?
>> That means that Ubuntu (as many other distros) offers you a
>> ready-made, debug symbols enabled version of the library which you can
>> just install and use. As you're struggeling with compiling the library
>> youself, I'd suggest you go for this solution. In Ubuntu, the package
>> you're looking for is called libasound2-dev.
> I have not followed the thread, but if you want debugging symbol you
> need `libasound2-dbg`. (`aptitude search libasound*`)

That doesn't seem to exist, but according to [1], the -dev variant
contains the library itself again. Hence I assumed that this is the
debug-enabled, non-stripped version of the .so that ships with this
package. Admittedly though, I didn't check as I didn't have an Ubuntu
box around.

Anyway - if this doesn't work, go the "apt-get build-dep" way that was
mentioned by Pavel.


[1] http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/amd64/libasound2-dev/filelist

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