[alsa-devel] A debug version of the ALSA lib?

Olivier Guillion - Myriad olivier at myriad-online.com
Thu Sep 1 10:37:39 CEST 2011


I have a problem with the ALSA library. Calling snd_device_name_hint() crashes 
sometimes, and I can't understand why.

It might be due to a previous memory corruption in my program, a problem with 
my sound card driver, or a bug in the library, I don't know.

I tried to debug it in assembler, and found that the library is browsing a list 
of devices, gets the pointer to each device name, and in the 2nd device, I get 
the four letters "Play" instead of a valid pointer.

To be able to go further, I'd need a debug version of the ALSA library, 
including variable names and source lines, which could let me find more easily 
what goes wrong and when.

Is it possible to build such a library from the alsa-lib- sources? 
Or should I download and install another specific package?

Thank you,

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