[alsa-devel] how to handle buffer underrun in a softsynth

Henning Thielemann alsa at henning-thielemann.de
Mon Nov 28 17:06:03 CET 2011

I have written a software synthesizer in Haskell that fetches MIDI events 
from ALSA sequencer and plays the rendered signal via ALSA pcm. However it 
cannot cope correctly with buffer underruns.

I tried to learn the correct way from the miniFMsynth example of
   however this program floods my terminal with buffer underrun messages 
without even being connected to any MIDI event source. This is independent 
from how large I choose the BUFSIZE constant.

I use:

$ pkg-config --modversion alsa

  Also, as far as I understand, that program allows to start notes only at 
block boundaries. This way it can ignore the timestamps of the incoming 
events. But this is crucial for me: I want to allow large blocksizes 
and thus I must allow notes to start anywhere inside a block.
  Now when I detect a buffer underrun on writing a block to an ALSA pcm 
sink, I like to know the time gap in order to adjust the timestamps of the 
incoming MIDI events.

My question in short is: Is there an example software synthesizer as 
simple as miniFMsynth, that works (on my machine), supports note start 
within a block and copes with buffer underruns in a reasonable way? If no 
working example, is there some documentation on how this is intended to 

Thank you for your help

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