[alsa-devel] bluetooth and alsa

Anders Gnistrup agn at datarespons.dk
Wed Nov 16 11:32:01 CET 2011


Another question for the bluetooth headset support when using Linux. I am starting to get a bit frustrated about this.
I have a Nokia BH-104 headset(could be some other). I have tried different bluetooth dongle's so in the USB port and the onboard receiver with the same result. So the usb-dongle is not the problem.

I connect the bluetooth headeset and test using the following command.
arecord -D bluetooth | aplay -Dbluetooth

Very simple and sounds is played/loopedback.
But the CPU usage goes sky high. Its start low (1-2%) and slowly increase to 100%, drops to 80 and increase once again to 100% and so on.
I have an application (a bit more complicated) that enters the same problem.

Do anyone have some experience/hints with bluetooth headset when using Alsa?
Please share it. I could use some hints to get fix this problem.


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