[alsa-devel] ALC892 Support (Intel HDA) - HDMI

Jeremy Bush contractfrombelow at gmail.com
Mon May 16 04:51:58 CEST 2011

On May 15, 2011, at 9:03 PM, Raymond Yau wrote:

> 2011/5/16 Jeremy Bush <contractfrombelow at gmail.com>
>> Hello-
>> I'm trying to get my Realtek ALC892 chip to work according to it's
>> specifications over HDMI. The manufacturers site say it should be able to do
>> 7.1+2 channels, 24bit audio and 192Khz sample rate.
> 7.1 is provided by 4 jack at rear panel ( green, black, orange and grey)
> 2 is provided by headphone at front panel

OK, so that has nothing to do with HDMI then.

>> However, it seems that the ALSA drivers (even the ones from the realtek
>> website) limit the output to 2 channels, 16bit, 88.2KHz.
>> Here is my system information that you can see these results:
>> http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b55a63fea6580dfcbf1a85c7c734f977df798f1
>> I see the ALC892 as being supported in the ALSA changelog, but I don't see
>> any model options in Documentation/HD-Audio-Models.txt. I'm currently using
>> "options snd-hda-intel model=6stack-digout" (as I have 6-jack with a SPDIF
>> out on the motherboard) but I'm not sure that is actually doing anything.
> As your codec info does not have "Side Playback Channel" and "Side Playback
> Switch", it look like the model is used for 5stack motherboard which support
> 5.1
> Do you hear any noise since Valerio reported noise appear when using the
> model=auto in
> http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.linux.alsa.devel/84653/focus=84724

I'm not actually trying to get analog working or the front-panel output. Only surround sound over HDMI. I have tried model=auto and didn't notice anything different than specifying the model.

>> Is what I'm getting now the best I should expect over HDMI? I saw support
>> in ALSA and bought the motherboard expecting it to be fully supported since
>> the changelogs say support was added.
> Codec: Intel CougarPoint HDMI
> Address: 3
> AFG Function Id: 0x1 (unsol 0)
> Vendor Id: 0x80862805
> Subsystem Id: 0x80862805
> Revision Id: 0x100000
> No Modem Function Group found
> Node 0x03 [Audio Output] wcaps 0x6611: 8-Channels Digital
>  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Con Mask", index=1, device=0
>  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Pro Mask", index=1, device=0
>  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Default", index=1, device=0
>  Control: name="IEC958 Playback Switch", index=1, device=0
>  Device: name="HDMI 0", type="HDMI", device=3
>  Converter: stream=8, channel=0
>  Digital: Enabled
>  Digital category: 0x0
>  PCM:
>    rates [0x7f0]: 32000 44100 48000 88200 96000 176400 192000
>    bits [0x1e]: 16 20 24 32
>    formats [0x5]: PCM AC3
>  Power states:  D0 D3 EPSS
>  Power: setting=D0, actual=D0
> Node 0x06 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0x40778d: 8-Channels Digital Amp-Out CP
>  Amp-Out caps: ofs=0x00, nsteps=0x00, stepsize=0x00, mute=1
>  Amp-Out vals:  [0x00 0x00]
>  Pincap 0x09000094: OUT Detect HBR HDMI DP
>  Pin Default 0x18560020: [Jack] Digital Out at Int HDMI
>    Conn = Digital, Color = Unknown
>    DefAssociation = 0x2, Sequence = 0x0
>  Pin-ctls: 0x40: OUT
>  Unsolicited: tag=06, enabled=1
>  Power states:  D0 D3 EPSS
>  Power: setting=D0, actual=D0
>  Connection: 1
>     0x03

So this seems to say I should be getting 7.1 over the HDMI output. What do I need to change in my config to actually get it? I tried messing around with /sys/class/sound/hwC1D3/user_pin_configs but I'm not sure what to change.


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