[alsa-devel] aplay throws error

preetam preetamsashankreddy at gmail.com
Mon May 9 11:54:07 CEST 2011

On Monday 09 May 2011 06:01 AM, Lu Guanqun wrote:
> On Sun, May 08, 2011 at 01:27:06AM +0800, preetam wrote:
>> On Saturday 07 May 2011 07:59 PM, Lu Guanqun wrote:
>>> On Sat, May 07, 2011 at 03:27:03PM +0800, preetam wrote:
>>>> Hai,
>>>> My aplay throws the following error:
>>>> Playing WAVE 'Linkin Park - New divide.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little
>>>> Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo
>>>> aplay: aplay.c:1029: set_params: Assertion `err>= 0' failed.
>>> Hi,
>>> What's your version of alsa-utils?
>>> I don't see the assert(err>= 0) on line 1029 on the latest repository
>>> code.
>>> Well, if this utilizes your newly written driver, I would suggest you
>>> insert some logs in your hw_params callback in driver. It might actually
>>> be your driver's mis-behavour.
>>> I'm not an expert on alsa, so it's just my 2 cents...
>>>> Aborted by signal Aborted...
>>>> I am using a pandaboard. Kernel is 2.6.35 from omap tree L27.11.1.
>>>> I am new to alsa and I have written an soc driver for this.
>>>> can anyone help me.
>>>> I can only trace the function calls to alloca. I am blank from here on.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Preetam
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>> Hai,
>> I dont know how to check the alsa-utils version. Its part of android
>> gingerbread source tree.
>> There is also an ambiguousness as to whether its a problem with
>> hw_params or sw_params function.
>> Is there any way I can use something as simple as ctags with vim in
>> android source tree?
>> Is there any updated documentation for starters in alsa soc for the new
>> pandaboard 2.6.35 kernel?
> Hi,
> I'm not familar with pandaboard, not sure whether there's any
> documentation for this.
I found that there is a problem with the I2C. It is very strange that 
I2C writes don't throw any error at all even if the device is completely 
disconnected.I have worked on omap3evm before and I could easily get 
error messages when I2c transactions failed. This is my first work on 
panda and I realize that I2c never throws any errors. How could it be?

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