[alsa-devel] config file documentation?

Chris Furlough cfurlough at summitsemi.com
Thu Mar 31 23:39:02 CEST 2011

Greetings fellow developers!

I'm working on configuring a USB sound device, and running into the 
occasional difficulty.  During these times of duress, I turn to the web 
to look for documentation on the specific facet that I'm struggling with 
at the moment.  Without fail, I'll come across some feature of the 
config files that I didn't previously know of.

My question is this.  Does there exist a comprehensive compendium of 
config file settings, and options that I can peruse?

My current config is a hacked together menagerie of bit and pieces 
gleaned from many internet sources.  I'd like to do it *RIGHT*.


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