[alsa-devel] GPL/LGPL licensing of the Alsa library

Ossi Niiranen oniiranen at neolex.fi
Mon Mar 28 10:37:03 CEST 2011


We recently performed a licensing audit of a larger software project incorporating the Alsa library 1.0.19. One issue we identified was that although the Alsa library purported to state that the library was licensed under the LGPL, there were still several files with third party copyright holders that indicated in their header that the file in question was licensed under the GPL.

Does the Alsa project have some sort of documentation somewhere showing that the third parties consented to the re-licensing under the LGPL, or does it have copies of contributor agreements showing that the copyright holders granted the project organisation rights to re-license under the LGPL?

I realise nobody here is under any obligation to answer any of my questions, but if someone has the time, it would be greatly appreciated!


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