[alsa-devel] radio-maestro broken (conflicts with snd-es1968)

Ondrej Zary linux at rainbow-software.org
Sat Mar 12 19:19:00 CET 2011

the radio-maestro driver is badly broken. It's intended to drive the radio on 
MediaForte ESS Maestro-based sound cards with integrated radio (like 
SF64-PCE2-04). But it conflicts with snd_es1968, ALSA driver for the sound 
chip itself.

If one driver is loaded, the other one does not work - because a driver is 
already registered for the PCI device (there is only one). This was probably 
broken by conversion of PCI probing in 2006: 

How to fix it properly? Include radio functionality in snd-es1968 and delete 

Ondrej Zary

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