[alsa-devel] Underrun

Irfan Shaikh irfan.shaikh at sasken.com
Tue Mar 1 06:59:48 CET 2011

Hello All,

A)     I am getting many under-run in my audio capture and playback application.

         1) My CAPTURE buffer is of 1024 * 8 (Period size * no of periods), PLAYBACK buffer is of (512 * 16)
         2) I try to read 8 K frames each time and write returned frames to playback device.
         3) Stereo audio, sample size 2 bytes, frame size 4 bytes, 48000 Hz

I have done following to reduce under run :
         1) Increased the number of periods on playback device (to increase playback latency).
         2) optimized my code

Please sugest me some more way so that i can avoid underrun of my playback device

B) Can i use snd_pcm_prepare() twice in two consecutive lines

For eg :

        I just want to know if this is OK for playback device state.


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