[alsa-devel] compile problems

David Henderson dhenderson at digital-pipe.com
Mon Jun 27 15:09:39 CEST 2011

Greetings all!  I've tried this question in the "alsa user" group 
without success, but was pointed in the direction of this mailing list.  
Currently I'm trying to compile the alsa packages to get it compiled for 
a custom Linux distro.  I'm not having any problems compiling the 
alsa-lib package, but when I try to compile alsa-utils, I keep getting 
the following error:

checking for libasound headers version>= 1.0.16... not present.
configure: error: Sufficiently new version of libasound not

To provide more details about the situation, I'm using an existing 
distro (Kubuntu 9.10) to build the alsa packages and are using the 
/opt/staging/alsa directory to compile and "install" to (using the 
DESTDIR parameter).  Seeing as how this is a staging directory and not 
the actual place the package is being installed to, I'm having the afore 
mentioned problem because the alsa-utils package is looking under /... 
for the header files instead of the /opt/staging/alsa/... directory.  Is 
there a compile-time parameter that I can use so that alsa-utils looks 
in the staging directory for the header files - just during the compile 


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