[alsa-devel] Noise on snd-hda-intel

Sune Mølgaard sune at molgaard.org
Fri Jun 24 10:42:14 CEST 2011

Sorry for mailing in private. I'm used to lists that set Reply-to to the 
list :-$

Raymond Yau wrote:
> Is this a clean install of 11.4 or upgrade from previous version of
> ubuntu which use "default:2" and create "Digital Capture Volume" ?

It is an upgrade.

> since pulseaudio use "front:2" for playback and capture and this won't
> create "digital capture volume" control

How to remedy?

> Do you have any application which use the softvol plugin "PCM Playback Volume" ?

Not to my knowledge, but how do I check?


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