[alsa-devel] Loud pop from speakers when plugging out headphones/shutdown (ALC665 Intel HDA)

breakdown at paranoici.org breakdown at paranoici.org
Sun Jun 19 14:16:52 CEST 2011

Hi all,

I have a rather annoying problem with the audio system on my Dell XPS 
L502X laptop (ALC665 chipset). Basically, every time I plug out 
headphones or perform a shutdown, a loud "pop" sound (usually referred 
to as "static noise", but way louder) can be heard from the left speaker.
I would exclude this is an hardware problem, since with Windows 7 the 
problem is absent. The "pop" sound is louder when headphones are first 
plugged out after a certain amount of time listening to music, if I plug 
in/out immediately after, no poppish sound can be heard.

Steps I've tried to do:
- checked the "power_save=0" module option (i have a custom 2.6.39 
kernel and I disabled that option during the configuration process, I've 
also tried to enable it in the kernel and then added that option, with 
no results)
- changed the "model" parameter when loading the snd-hda-intel driver 
(I've tried nearly all of the "dell" parameters, with no success)
- muted all audio channels
- disabled the pulseaudio system to only use ALSA
- changed headphones, same problem

The only workaround I've discovered is to manually remove the 
snd-hda-intel module (or, in alternative, passing the "dell" module 
parameter, which on this card actually disable both left and right 

Detailed info as follows (attached and uploaded):

lspci -vvnn output (only relevant lines):

alsa-info.sh output:


Thank you in advance.


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