[alsa-devel] [PATCH] udev: Allow ALSA input jacks to be accessed by the current user

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Wed Jun 15 20:46:09 CEST 2011

I know this is probably not the correct upstream, but I just wanted to 
run it through alsa-devel first to make sure that you don't think this 
is all madness. :-)

So, one missing piece for userspace (PulseAudio etc) to actually be able
to use the jack input devices that ALSA create, is that these devices
are accessible by root only. This patch makes the input device nodes
accessible by the same users that can access the sound card: the current
logged in user, as well as users in the audio group.

One thing I was thinking about, was that the udev-acl rule actually 
grants read-write access to the input device node, where probably only 
read access is needed. Is this dangerous?

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.
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