[alsa-devel] Fwd: Re: [PATCH] snd-usb-audio with multiple audio functions

Rolf Meeser rolfm_9dq at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 6 17:04:11 CEST 2011

Hi Clemens,

On 06/06/2011 01:44 PM, Clemens Ladisch wrote:

>  Rolf Meeser wrote:
>>  +		if (usb_chip[i]&&
>>  +			(usb_chip[i]->dev == dev)&&
>>  +			(usb_chip[i]->ctrl_intf)&&
>>  +			(usb_chip[i]->ctrl_intf->desc.bInterfaceNumber == ifnum)) {
>  Many audio devices with multiple vendor-specific interfaces do not have
>  a control interface.  This code would split them into multiple cards.
>  Regards,
>  Clemens

Breaking existing setups would indeed be bad!

Can you see an easy way to identify such cards here? Then we could assign a new
card index only in case of a class compliant card, where this is desirable.


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