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Thu Jul 14 12:39:26 CEST 2011

val remains unchanged (12345).

I took a look at the ALSA source code and I can't figure out how the "val" 
parameter can remain untouched.

Any idea?


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> I'm trying to develop a Mozilla plug-in that display and plays music scores. The
> music rendering module uses ALSA for sound (pcm) output.
> It seems that, when called from a Mozilla plug-in, any ALSA function that gets a
> pointer as parameter either crashes or returns wrong values.
> I made a very simple test plug-in from the "Basic Plugin" source code provided
> by Mozilla (I can provide the full project if needed). Here is what happens:
> - Calling "snd_asoundlib_version" works
> - Calling "snd_device_name_hint" crashes
> - If the browser runs in super-user mode (sudo firefox), all works fine.
> - If I load the plug-in (which is a shared library) from a program of my own and
> call the test function, it works.
> Does anyone have any idea about what could cause this issue?
> Could it be related to access rights or memory allocation/mapping?
> I'm using: 
> Ubuntu 11.04
> Firefox 6.0
> I'm really stuck here, any advice would be highly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Olivier

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