[alsa-devel] [PATCH V2 0/3] ASoC: au1x: update PSC AC97/I2S code

Manuel Lauss manuel.lauss at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 25 13:45:01 CEST 2011

The following two patches depend on patchset "ASoC for Alchemy Au1000/1500/1100"
to apply and work.
Patch #1 moves the DBDMA (PCM) device registration from the AC97/I2S drivers
  into the board code.
Patch #2 changes use of "soc-audio" platform device int db1200 machine code to
  the new way.
Patch #3 removes the use of custom PCM_TX/RX constants in favour of the

Changes since V1:
- added patch #3
- tidied patch #1 a bit more.

Run-tested on DB1200, DB1300 and DB1550 boards.

Manuel Lauss (3):
  ASoC: au1x: remove automatic DMA device registration from PSC drivers
  ASoC: au1x: update db1200 machine to the new way of things
  ASoC: au1x: use substream stream info directly

 arch/mips/alchemy/devboards/db1200/platform.c |   16 +++++
 sound/soc/au1x/db1200.c                       |   64 ++++++++++++------
 sound/soc/au1x/dbdma2.c                       |   91 +++++--------------------
 sound/soc/au1x/psc-ac97.c                     |   48 +++++++++-----
 sound/soc/au1x/psc-i2s.c                      |   42 +++++++----
 sound/soc/au1x/psc.h                          |   11 ---
 6 files changed, 133 insertions(+), 139 deletions(-)


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