[alsa-devel] [PATCH V2 03/10] ASoc: mxs: add mxs-sgtl5000 machine driver

Dong Aisheng-B29396 B29396 at freescale.com
Wed Jul 13 14:19:02 CEST 2011

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH V2 03/10] ASoc: mxs: add mxs-sgtl5000 machine driver
> Which version of the codec do you have? I have:
Yes, it is revision 17.

> [    0.370000] sgtl5000 0-000a: sgtl5000 revision 17
> [    0.370000] sgtl5000 0-000a: asoc: failed to probe CODEC sgtl5000.0-
> 000a: -22
> [    0.380000] asoc: failed to instantiate card mxs_sgtl5000: -22
> The failure is because CONFIG_REGULATOR is not set and it thus fails in
> the
> codec-driver:
> #else /* CONFIG_REGULATOR */
> static int ldo_regulator_register(struct snd_soc_codec *codec,
> 				struct regulator_init_data *init_data,
> 				int voltage)
> {
> 	return -EINVAL;
> }
> (I can patch it to load properly, but well...)
> Proper regulator support for mxs is not in mainline yet. Is that planned?
> How do you do it?

Yes, it's not in mainline yet.
Fixed regulator may be a method.
However currently I just removed VDDIO and VDDA checking in sgtl5000 driver.
Additionally, it seems sgtl5000 driver still needs another fix to get it running.
I copy the patch as below for your info(Just for test).
I'm going to do that in my following work.

Dong Aisheng

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