[alsa-devel] Bad sound quality

Stanislav Kučera kacernator at quick.cz
Mon Jan 31 10:43:55 CET 2011


In linux compared to windows the sound quality is much worse. I have tried  
different sound cards, different distributions during past 3 years and the  
sound is still not good. In linux the sound is somewhat towards mids, less  
bass and is overall dirtier compared to windows (xp or 7). Problem is not  
driver specific as I have tried different sound cards on different  
computers. I can hear the difference even on laptop speakers.
When using jack server sounds is little better, but still no way same as  
in windows.
For me it is major obstacle not using linux as I would love to, because I  
listen to music so much with quality hifi system.

Sound cards which were tested are: onboard VIA, onboard Intel ACL889,  
Sound Blaster Live, Echo Gina20.


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