[alsa-devel] WL1273 FM Radio driver...

Samuel Ortiz sameo at linux.intel.com
Mon Jan 31 00:23:59 CET 2011

Hi Matti,

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 05:04:23PM +0200, Matti J. Aaltonen wrote:
> Hello
> I have been trying to get the WL1273 FM radio driver into the kernel for
> some time. It has been kind of difficult, one of the reasons is that I
> didn't realize I should have tried to involve all relevant maintainers
> to the discussion form the beginning (AsoC, Media and MFD). At Mark's
> suggestion I'm trying to reopen the discussion now.
> The driver consists of an MFD core and two child drivers (the audio
> codec and the V4L2 driver). And the question is mainly about the role of
> the MFD driver: the original design had the IO functions in the core.
> Currently the core is practically empty mainly because Mauro very
> strongly wanted to have “everything” in the V4L2 driver.
What was Mauro main concerns with having the IO part in the core ?
A lot of MFD drivers are going that path already.


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