[alsa-devel] [RFC][PATCH 0/3] ASoC: sh: fsi: sound format selection

Kuninori Morimoto kuninori.morimoto.gx at renesas.com
Mon Jan 24 02:41:22 CET 2011

Dear Mark, Liam, Paul

These are FSI-codecs sound format selection patches.

Kuninori Morimoto(3)
         ASoC: sh: fsi: move chan_num from fsi_stream to fsi_priv
         ASoC: sh: fsi: free from NULL pointer of struct sh_fsi_platform_info
         ASoC: sh: fsi: modify selection method of I2S/PCM/SPDIF format

FSI-codecs sound format should be selected on fsi-xxx.c for ALSA.
But FSI sound format is still selected from FSI platform data for now.

3rd patch modify it. (1st and 2nd are needed from 3rd patch)

But current FSI can use I2S/PCM and SPDIF today.
I2S/PCM can be selected by snd_soc_dai_set_fmt from fsi-xxx,
but can not select SPDIF today.

So, 3rd patch add 2 modes to FSI. DAI mode and SPDIF mode.
If DAI mode (default), I2S/PCM format can be selected from fsi-xxx
by snd_soc_dai_set_fmt.
If SPDIF mode, FSI become SPDIF format.

But I'm not sure it is OK for SPDIF.
So, I set these patches as [RFC]

Best regards
Kuninori Morimoto

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