[alsa-devel] [PATCH v3 3/4] ARM: tegra: Platform data fixes for ASoC driver updates

Stephen Warren swarren at nvidia.com
Fri Jan 21 19:36:42 CET 2011

Mark Brown wrote:
> > Sorry, I don't follow. Possibly not what? Are you saying:
> > a) Possibly not the only dependency? It's certainly the only one I know of.
> > b) Possibly not that it needs to be checked into the ASoC git repo, even though
> > the header is located somewhere the Tegra git repo owns?
> You said in <74CDBE0F657A3D45AFBB94109FB122FF0310AD4251 at HQMAIL01.nvidia.com>:
> | The other arch/arm patches won't apply anywhere yet since they build
> | on top of various other patches that haven't been submitted for or
> | applied to the linux-tegra tree yet.
> referring to patches 2 and 3 of the series.  To me that says that these
> patches won't apply to either the Tegra or ASoC trees as they stand as
> they depend on patches you have not yet submitted.

Patch 1 (wm8903 GPIO support) has no dependencies.

Patch 2 (add header to define Harmony ASoC driver's platform_data)
doesn't depend on anything else, but is required by patches 3 and 4.

This is the patch which is in a path owned by the Tegra tree, but needs to
be checked into the ASoC tree to enable patch 4 to be checked in there.

Patch 3 (Adds various platform data to arch/arm/mach-tegra) depends
on patch 2, and should be checked into the Tegra for-next tree at some
later time. You can ignore this patch; I presented it simply to show a
complete set of patches. Sorry if the cover letter wasn't clear on this point.

Patch 4 (Adds internal speaker support to ASoC driver) depends on patch 2
being in the ASoC tree somehow. Hence, why you asked the Tegra maintainers
to sign off on checking patch 2 into the ASoC tree, as I understand it.


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