[alsa-devel] Process of sumit the Audio driver code to ALSA

Reddy, MR Swami MR.Swami.Reddy at nsc.com
Wed Jan 19 08:20:15 CET 2011

Thanks for quick response!
Yes, it  ASOC based and currently, the audio drivers supported for Samsung 6410 target.


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Reddy, MR Swami wrote:
> Hello,
> We (National Semi) have developed ALSA based audio drivers for our Audio subsystem. Could you please let me know the process to submit and include as part of ALSA project.
> The ALSA audio driver version info as follows:
>   - Linux - 2.6.24 base
>   - Andorid- 2.1   base

Is this based on ASoC?  If not, I recommend you to port the code to ASoC, thus it's the standard for embedded devices.
If you have any questions, just post to alsa-devel ML.



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