[alsa-devel] Bug in setting channels, related to recent ELD/EDID changes?

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 21:37:02 CET 2011

First, THANK YOU for addressing this!  However, I have a couple
questions.  Which solution was implemented; a true/false switch
controlling the behavior between the old _working_ method, or the new
ELD restricted one?  Or, this module parameter thing that was

As a user having to deal with the frustration of this problem, I
absolutely think the true/false switch is the best solution as it's
set-and-forget.  Set it one time, get the behavior you _want_, and not
have to bother with it again.  With the module parameter thing, it
sounds like you have to change module parameters according to what you
want at the moment.  Or is it that the true/false switch is controlled
by a module param?  Maybe I've misinterpreted it but it's not very

So I grab alsa git, but how do I use the fix to restore the old behavior?


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