[alsa-devel] [PATCH] ALSA: HDA: Fix mic initialization in VIA auto parser (was: pci/hda/patch_via.c - broken between 2.6.36 and 2.6.37 (bisected))

Wolfgang Scheicher wolfgang.scheicher at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 12:20:58 CET 2011

David Henningsson wrote:

> On 2011-02-21 09:43, Mark Goldstein wrote:
>> [...]
>> I've never dealt with submitting patches, so probably it'll be better
>> (and definitely faster) if you could do it.
>> Thank you,
> Ok, here comes the patch!

Tested, and Microphone now works! Thanks a lot to everyone involved.
Good job so far!

On a side note:
One still must not touch "Smart 5.1" in alsamixer, because if one does, 
mixer will still crash and (sound)system will hang until pc is rebooted.
I can't tell how related this two problems are, but as far as i can tell 
they both appeared with the same commit
( 7b315bb4980448250c80a7464c256b54d546cb26 ) i did track down on sunday.

Wolfgang Scheicher

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