[alsa-devel] pci/hda/patch_via.c - broken between 2.6.36 and 2.6.37 (bisected)

Wolfgang Scheicher wolfgang.scheicher at gmail.com
Sun Feb 20 11:50:55 CET 2011

After the mentioned Kernel upgrade quite a view things went wrong on my 
hardware ( http://www.asrock.com/mb/overview.asp?Model=890GM%20Pro3 ):

* Microphone doesn't work anymore. neither the front mic nor the rear one. 
Tried all thinkable settings.

* Increasing Microphone levels leads to some strange internal feedback. That 
means, at some point when the feedback starts, it just starts, but i have no 
clue what audio source did actually trigger it.

* Touching the mixer channel "Smart 5.1" in alsamixer makes alsamicer crash.

After quite some days of frustration and the inability to get help i however 
managed to learn how to build a kernel and how to git bisect. So this is 
what i did:

root at Blackrock ~src/alsa-kernel (git)-[7b315bb...|bisect] # git bisect log
git bisect start '--' 'sound/pci'
# bad: [81a2f603f94d6da108ddd8e3535294445097f730] ALSA: ac97: replace open-
coded, error-prone stuff with AC97 bit defines
git bisect bad 81a2f603f94d6da108ddd8e3535294445097f730
# good: [f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f] Linux 2.6.36
git bisect good f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f
# bad: [28c4edb71d21623f1e47422194d865d2b6712fd4] ALSA: HDA: Rename "Int 
Mic" to "Internal Mic"
git bisect bad 28c4edb71d21623f1e47422194d865d2b6712fd4
# bad: [0e7adbe263f89ea2ef15b5af5e80a812b2a85025] ALSA: hda - Disable sticky 
PCM stream assignment for AD codecs
git bisect bad 0e7adbe263f89ea2ef15b5af5e80a812b2a85025
# bad: [5637edb2e1c2d13b276748508ae17f319fb7f066] ALSA: HDA: Sort CXT5066 
quirk table
git bisect bad 5637edb2e1c2d13b276748508ae17f319fb7f066
# bad: [18675e4283f575594d55ef1239c14ab5b4de53b6] ALSA: hda - Add fixup for 
FSC Celsius H270
git bisect bad 18675e4283f575594d55ef1239c14ab5b4de53b6
# good: [eea7dc932bfa802ad0377755ea821f416f4f8623] ALSA: hda - Use new 
inputs[] field to parse input-pins for STAC/IDT codecs
git bisect good eea7dc932bfa802ad0377755ea821f416f4f8623
# bad: [263d0328c46995d8e4fb478005177839104483d2] ALSA: hda - Improve input 
control names for IDT/STAC codecs
git bisect bad 263d0328c46995d8e4fb478005177839104483d2
# bad: [9737731d64bfa64ab4fc04b46ae5b650f6432222] Merge branch 'fix/hda' 
into topic/hda
git bisect bad 9737731d64bfa64ab4fc04b46ae5b650f6432222
# bad: [7b315bb4980448250c80a7464c256b54d546cb26] ALSA: hda - Use new 
inputs[] field to parse input-pins for VIA codecs
git bisect bad 7b315bb4980448250c80a7464c256b54d546cb26

root at Blackrock ~src/alsa-kernel (git)-[7b315bb...|bisect] # git bisect bad
7b315bb4980448250c80a7464c256b54d546cb26 is the first bad commit
commit 7b315bb4980448250c80a7464c256b54d546cb26
Author: Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de>
Date:   Mon Aug 30 13:06:30 2010 +0200

    ALSA: hda - Use new inputs[] field to parse input-pins for VIA codecs
    Signed-off-by: Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de>

:040000 040000 fb32bef12d78f90f00020cf375fddd36be1cdfbe 
02f61291093ce6c7c8e7e1bd98fd87f9338702a1 M      sound

Oh, and here are debug infos from when i first tried to report the problem:


I hope someone can take it from here. I'm not much more than a user. Just 
because i managed to build a kernel doesn't mean i can fix this bug.

Wolfgang Scheicher

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