[alsa-devel] ASoC HDMI codec location

Stephen Warren swarren at nvidia.com
Tue Feb 15 21:29:59 CET 2011


I'm looking at enabling audio-over-HDMI on Tegra in the ChromeOS kernel.
This will use the SPDIF controller as the CPU DAI. Right now, I have things
working with the stub SPDIF codec (codecs/spdif_transciever.c), but to
support a non-hard-coded sample rate, need a real codec driver that writes
registers in the HDMI controller.

I see that a Samsung chip has such a codec in drivers/video/sh_mobile_hdmi.c.
The equivalent for Tegra would be drivers/video/tegra/dc/hdmi.c. Note that
this location doesn't yet exist upstream. I just wanted to confirm that this
location makes sense to you, vs. implementing a codec in sound/soc/tegra/hdmi.c,
and having that call functions exposed by the Tegra dc/hdmi.c driver?

Note that the SPDIF controller isn't involved in the Tegra Digital Audio
Switch muxing/switching module at all.



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