[alsa-devel] [PATCH - snd-usb-audio 1/1] Support for Power/Status LED on Creative USB X-Fi S51

Angel D Genchev i_liketowin at mail.bg
Sun Feb 13 21:23:53 CET 2011

I guess "S51" stands for "surround 5.1" ( Creative SB1090 ). Having vol. knob
working is wonderful (though software volume reduces dynamic range by cutting
from the resolution), but I have bigger problem with this card.
In my configuration the card shuts down ( dies ) in 40..90 min. of playback.
Doing so it "kills" the port in the kernel. So neither it nor other device can
work there until next reboot. The whole usb subsystem fails - if I plug it to
another port - the port dies without powering the card on. Under WinXP it works
o.k. but as usb hi-speed device. On linux it`s fullspeed device. I`m 90% sure
it`s linux kernel/alsa bug.

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