[alsa-devel] WL1273 FM Radio driver...

Bensaid, Selma selma.bensaid at intel.com
Tue Feb 8 11:09:33 CET 2011

> The wl1273 as such is designed for embedded systems.
> It can be connected in several ways to the system:
> - analog only
> In this way the RX/TX is connected to some codec's Line IN/OUT
> For this to work, we don't need any audio driver for the FM chip
> (basically the same configuration as rx51 has in regards of FM radio)
> - Digital interfaces
> The I2S lines are connected to the main processor. In this way the
> wl1273 acts as a codec.
> In order to provide platform independent driver we need to use ASoC
> framework. ASoC have broad main processor side support, and it is easy
> to switch the arch, if we have proper ASoC codec driver for the wl1273.
> It is also better to keep the codec implementation under
> sound/soc/codecs.
2 Digital interfaces are possible for FM WL1273:
- the external connection: the I2S lines are used for the FM PCM samples
- the internal connection: the BT PCM interface is used for the FM PCM samples
For both configuration we have a set of HCI commands to configure the FM audio 
path and one of my concerns is to know if the wl1273_codec should handle the audio path configuration 
and the switch between FM and BT SCO?

> I have not looked deeply into the wl1273 datasheets, but I'm sure
> there's a way to nicely divide the parts between the MFD, V4L, and ASoC.
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> Péter
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