[alsa-devel] Jack sense fails on Fujitsu p7120

Robin Neatherway neatherway at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 11:17:07 CET 2011

> The auto codec parser reads the default config values of all pin
> widgets, and enables the jack sense when a pin is a HP jack.  That's
> why it's important to figure out which pin widget corresponds to which
> actual I/O.

Right. With "auto", the jack sense might well be working then, but I
can't tell because there is no output over the speakers. Unless there
is another way of telling?

I'm pretty confused right now. Raymond suggested that the important
thing is to ensure that the nodes 0x8 and 0x9 are HP and Speaker
volume respectively, while you are suggesting that I should alter the
pin configuration, which only affects pin widgets and these are only
from 0xF to 0x19. The pin configuration doesn't seem to contain
anything to do with jack sense, so I'm not sure what I should change

How do you normally figure out which pin widget corresponds to which
I/O? Is it just trial and error?

The ALC260 datasheet (http://realtek.info/pdf/alc260.pdf section 4.1,
page 4) seems to make it pretty clear that the jack sense is at node
0x1b, and the block diagram indicates that it is a pin, so why is it
not showing up as a pin widget?


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