[alsa-devel] Jack sense fails on Fujitsu p7120

Robin Neatherway neatherway at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 00:49:55 CET 2011

> if not, you will need to find any alc269 model which create "Headphone
> Playback Volume" at node 0x8 and "Speaker Playback volume" at node 0x09

With model=auto, these appear at the correct nodes, but I no longer
get any sound over the speakers. How can I control where these appear,
or add an EAPD pin to try and reenable the speakers?

> Others are no pin widgets.  See HD-audio specification for more details.

OK, I've found " Configuration Default" in the spec which
describes the meaning of the pin config register. From the discussion
so far I think I need to change node 0x1B to be a jack sense pin. I
must misunderstand though because a) Configuration Default has nothing
to do with whether it is a jack sense pin and b) 0x1B is not a pin
widget anyway.

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