[alsa-devel] [PATCH 1/3] ASoC: soc_jack - add function to determine jack type

Harsha, Priya priya.harsha at intel.com
Tue Feb 1 14:35:26 CET 2011

>> I believe this should be part of codec driver that would make sure that it has
>> determined the right adc value and then call the function to find the jack type.
>This is not in general possible - there are generally AUXADCs in many
>devices, CPUs and PMICs both commonly have them, and the majority of
>them just take a reading when asked to do so.  Generic software needs to
>be able to handle this.
What if I add a field debouce to snd_soc_jack and machine driver needs to program
the value. The codec driver should wait for that time before reading the adc values
Will this help

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