[alsa-devel] Driver Soudcard/Midi BCD2000 Behringer

William Martins wrmartins at ymail.com
Tue Dec 27 02:53:20 CET 2011

Good evening Messrs. Developers,
at times I'm trying to make this device work in linux (Behringer BCD2000-), without success, that happens a few days I discovered that the manufacturer built the same non-standard midi, so it is not recognized by the kernel as a midi device.
I realized that there is a need to build a drive for him, I am not a developer to develop it, the more I have some idea, after some research, that this site will find it a Sr, can develop it for mac, and made available on its website http : / / evinyatar.ath.cx / sphpblog / static.php? page = bcd2ktech some codes to serve as instruction for those who want to develop.

Come and ask that if possible, you develop the driver for this device because the community waits anxiously for the same support.

I look back.

Thank you!
William R. Martins
IT Consultant / Support Specialist
Tels: (98) 8197-3909 / 8884-9517

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