[alsa-devel] EeeTop ET1611PUT pin issue?

Nicholas Hall ngh at grandcare.com
Tue Aug 30 22:17:58 CEST 2011


Asus released a new line of EeeTop.  I get audio working fine out the rear
headphone jack.  Although the internal speakers output nothing.  I've been
doing research and it seems quite possible that the hardware is pinned out
unusually.  Does this seem like the case?


My other thought was that the hardware is not reporting the state of the
headphone jack in use.  Are there any pointers on identifying and fixing
this issue?  I tried Asus phone support (LOL!, what a joke).  Do I need to
get in contact with an Asus engineer, or does the alsa-info output have
everything I need.  I must admit, a lot of the output is foreign to me.

Thanks in advanced!

Nicholas Hall
Software Developer
GrandCare Systems

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