[alsa-devel] Conexant 5051 lenovo-x200 fixes

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Wed Aug 24 07:53:00 CEST 2011

At Wed, 24 Aug 2011 06:25:58 +0300,
Ulo Mets wrote:
> On 08/23/2011 04:10 PM, Takashi Iwai wrote:
> > For making auto-parser working, apply the patch below.
> > It fixes the multi-headphone assignment case.
> >
> > Then, put lines below to /lib/firmware/x200t-pincfg file.
> >
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------
> > 0x16 0x042140ff
> > 0x17 0x23a11040
> > 0x18 0x04a190f0
> > 0x19 0x2121103f
> > 0x1a 0x901701f0
> > 0x1d 0x90a601f0
> > ----------------------------------------------------------------
> >
> > After creating the file, pass "patch=x200t-pincfg model=auto" module
> > options to snd-hda-intel driver.  Now the driver will be set up using
> > the auto-parser with the given pin-configuration table.
> >
> > Let me know if this works.  Once after confirming it's working, we can
> > add a static configuration in the driver itself.
> >
> Please disregard my last message.
> I amended the x200t-pincfg file with [codec] section and added [pincfg] header, now it works much better.

Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot to add that.

> In Rec screen of Alsamixer all three mic volume and boost controls are present.
> Autosensing of Dock Mic works, and so do its controls. Internal mic works too, but
> autosensing of Ext mic does not.

Does ext-mic pin (0x18) jack-sense work with hda-emu at all?
When this pin is selected, the recording is done via another ADC
(0x15) instead of the one for int-mic and dock-mic (0x14).
Try to reopen the recording stream when you plug the ext-mic.
It might be a bug in the dynamic ADC-switching of the running stream.

> (Internal Mic Boost is so long name that it does not want to fit in its space)
> In Playback screen the three Mic Boost controls are present, which is perhaps not necessary.

This is an issue in alsa-lib (and remaining intentionally), no driver

> There is also an Auto-Mute Mode on/off control, which does not seem to do anything.

It should change the headphone auto-mute behavior.
The speaker will be always turned on.



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