[alsa-devel] Getting played tsms in ALSA

Irfan Shaikh irfan.shaikh at sasken.com
Fri Aug 19 11:39:12 CEST 2011

Hello all

                  At setup time, when we create alsa handle and get the pcm_status object from it.

snd_pcm_status *status;
At run time:
snd_timestamp_t timestamp = {0};
snd_pcm_status(pcm_handle, status);
snd_pcm_status_get_tstamp(status, &timestamp);
print timestamp.tv_sec and timestamp.tv_usec

Here when we start first instance, timestamp.tv_sec goes incrementing as we play as expected.
But we when shutdown (destroy alsa handle, re-init) , the timestamps increase from the same point.
i.e if we stopped playback at time x secs, the next instance starts showing the time from x secs.
The time reported by snd_pcm_status_get_tstamp() resets after we reboot the board.

Another observation is that when we have two instances. We start the first instance , pause it after x secs.
And then start the next instance, the time given by ALSA again starts at x secs.

I think the snd_pcm_get_tstamp should be handle based but it seems it's not the case.

How can we reset the timestamp values ?


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