[alsa-devel] Conexant CX20585 recording does not work

Gabriel Schulhof nix at go-nix.ca
Sat Apr 9 14:36:55 CEST 2011


On Sat, April 9, 2011 09:43, Raymond Yau wrote:
> you need to find a model which
> 1) support internal mic at 0x23
> 2) enable unsolicted mic event at mic jack 0x1b
> 3) enable unsolicted hp event at HP jack 0x19
> cxt5066_capture_source has "Mic B" , "Mic C" , "Mic E" and "Mic F" for
> 0x1a
> 0x1b 0x1d 0x1e at node [audio selector] 0x17  and it cannot handle
> internal
> mic at 0x23
> cxt5066 has five connection at 0x14
>     /* Node 14 connections: 0x17 0x18 0x23 0x24 0x27 */
> but cxt20585 has only four connection
>      0x17* 0x18 0x23 0x24

With my absolutely untrained eye, it seems like I should be trying
"ideapad", "thinkpad", and "vostro". At least, those are the only places
in patch_conexant.c that seem to have anything about a "0x23" in them.
Thank you grep! :)

Of course, if anyone could cast a less untrained glance at the source and
give me some more models to try, then please!

TIA for your help,


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