[alsa-devel] hdspmixer broken for 96khz

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Tue Apr 5 12:29:09 CEST 2011

>> > Any chance to recover the old broken configuration?
>> > Then we can track down the bug.
>> attached
> This isn't the old configuration, it's the new one. (it has my new magic
> code "HDSPMixer v1" right at the beginning)
> The foremost question is: when did you wrote your old configuration
> file?

hm, good question! i have been using this preset file for years, maybe i've 
stored it with the new hdspmixer. but with this preset file, the 96khz mixer was 
not shown.

> But what I can say for sure is: if you used hdspmixer before 1.0.24 on a
> non-MADI card like Multiface/Digiface, loading this preset file in
> 1.0.24 would break the configuration. Is this what we're talking about?


> Reason: defines.h contains HDSP_MAX_CHANNELS, it was 26 until adding
> support for MADI cards, bumping this value to 64.
> And now let's have a
> look at the preset load/restore code:

oh shit :/

> The only possible way to circumvent this is to check the file size.
> 3*3*8*26*some_constant is different than 3*3*8*64*some_constant, and we
> would be able to guess if it's a pre-1.0.24 preset file or a newer one.

that sounds reasonable. at least printing a big fat warning would be 

btw, when working on the hdspmixer it would be cool, if you keep the fireface in 
mind. someone seems to work on ffado support and i suppose the fireface mixer 
can share some code with the hdspmixer.

cheers, tim

tim at klingt.org

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