[alsa-devel] "default" device. Is there a way to detect if it's a plugin, and if so which one?

Sebastian H. vand2 at gmx.de
Mon Apr 4 13:38:15 CEST 2011

Am 03.04.2011 14:22, schrieb Colin Guthrie:
> Hi,
> If the user opens the "default" device in alsa, is there a way to find
> out if that "device" is actually a plugin?
> i.e. is it possible to tell if you have opened the pulseaudio plugin via
> alsa?
> There are various hacky ways (e.g. checking hints etc.) but that relies
> on downstream packaging which certainly isn't fool proof.


Maybe one could parse the config files with snd_config_xxx and friends
and look what the type pcm.default is.

I've stumpled upon something similar when qasmixer tries to open
ctl.default which in some cases doesn't exist.

Sebastian H.

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