[alsa-devel] cmipci CMI8738-MC6 - left channel no sound

Tom Corner tom.c.corner at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 11:54:06 CEST 2010

 I am using kernel 2.6.35 with a gentoo distribution.  Is it possible
that this bug has been fixed since kernel 2.6.35?  Is it possible to try
the latest drivers?



On 09/15/10 17:02, Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Thomas Corner at 15/09/10 15:42 did gyre and gimble:
>>   I've been going around and around on this.  The surround sound 5.1 is
>> playing fine except channel 0 (front-left) is playing on the woofer. The 
>> card is a Terratec Aureon fun - CMI8738-MC6. I have
>> gotten desperate and have tested this card in Windows and was able to
>> get it working right there. I have been using speaker-test to
>> to test the setup. I am using pulseaudio.
>> This is the summary of my results with speaker-test:
>> speaker-test -c 6 -D surround51 -t wav
>> speaker          output
>>   ----------------------
>>   front L         silence
>>   front R         front R
>>   center          center
>>   bass            mix of front L + bass
>>   surround L      surround L
>>   surround R      surround R
> Smells like something is messed up with the alsa driver. Someone in
> alsa-devel can probably help you best here. Could be a strange mixer
> setting but I doubt it.
>> I have removed pulseaudio again (recompiled all software with optional
>> pulseaudio support without pulseaudio support)  I should be outputting
>> directly to alsa and the driver now.
> That is massive overkill. I'd just stick with your distro's packages
> rather than recompiling everything and disabling PA support.
> The speaker test using the names surround* etc. do not use pulseaudio
> anyway.
>> Under pulseaudio speaker-test gives error messages when surround40 and
>> surround51 is specified.
> This will only be true if pulseaudio daemon is running and has the
> device open. Much easier to just run speaker-test as:
> pasuspender -- speaker-test -D surround51 ...
> than recompiling everything :)
> But ultimately it seems to be an alsa problem.
> All the best
> Col

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