[alsa-devel] Turtle Beach Tahiti (snd-msnd-classic)

Brand, Mark (Mr) (Summerstrand Campus South) Mark.Brand at nmmu.ac.za
Mon Sep 6 12:38:45 CEST 2010

Dear Krzysztof,

No problem, Takashi sent me in the right direction (see his patch and my reply).  I did not find the time to spend on this over the weekend as I'd hoped, but I can report that:
* I now have audio playback
* There is a regular click, at about 200ms intervals (while playing, of course, not otherwise)
* Audio does vanish occasionally - I reload alsa and it returns
* I suspect the isapnp and cfg parameters shouldn't be necessary, but as it stands the driver defaults to PnP mode without them

Just as soon as I can squeeze off a bit more time to spend on this, I'll try to provide better feedback.

Kind regards, and thank you for responding.
Mark Brand.

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Dear Mark,

I was on a business trip for one month so please forgive the delay in answering your request.

I will dig into the issue this weekend.

Thank you for testing,

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