[alsa-devel] [PATCH 00/25] ASoC: Overhaul Samsung drivers

Jassi Brar jassisinghbrar at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 22:56:22 CEST 2010

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 1:55 AM, Maurus Cuelenaere
<mcuelenaere at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Op 19-10-10 09:30, Jassi Brar schreef:
>> I forgot to CC you on the patches.
>> --------
>> Hi,
>> Here come patches overhauling the Samsung ASoC support.
>> The AC97, PCM, SPDIF and ASoC-DMA related code has merely undergone
>> cosmetic changes - symbol, device & driver renaming and file moving.
>> A new I2S controller driver has been added to manage Samsung SoCs since
>> S3C64XX. Older driver has been changed only as is necessary.
>> Regarding I2S, I have left the s3c24xx series untouched because the
>> controllers are too different to run by a common driver. S3C2412's I2S
>> does have some similarities, but not important enough to warrant impact
>> on new driver design.
>> The new I2S driver has been designed around the notion of features/quirks.
>> The newer SoCs have revised version of I2S_0(usually) than previous ones.
>> So, I2S block is 'specified' in the platform code and the driver works on
>> that configuration.
>> For now, Secondary I2S DAI works only with System-DMAC. I2S-Internal DMA
>> and SRAM will be enabled later.
>> Testing:-
>>   Simple testing of 5.1 channel and hardware mixing seems to work (though
>> there seems to be some issue with symmetric_rates in soc-core.c which
>> would be tried to fix later as saperate issue).
>>  I would appreciate any test-results for GONI and SMARTQ.
>> I suggest the patches 13,14,16 & 17 go via Kgene's Tree, and the rest via ASoC
>> tree due to tight dependencies.
>> 1). ASoC: WM8580: Remove useless assignment
>> 2). ASoC: Samsung: Remove redundant AQUILA driver
>> 3). ASoC: Samsung: Rename DMA device
>> 4). ARM: Samsung: Define common audio-dma device
>> 5). ASoC: Samsung: Rename ASoC DMA driver
>> 6). ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 platform device
>> 7). ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 driver
>> 8). ASoC: Samsung: Rename PCM driver
>> 9). ASoC: Samsung: Generalize DMA driver namespace
>> 10). ASoC: Samsung: Rename s3c64xx I2S device
>> 11). ASoC: Samsung: Add common I2S driver
>> 12). ARM: S3C64XX: I2S: Upgrade platform device
>> 13). ARM: S5P6440: I2S: Upgrade platform device
>> 14). ARM: S5P6442: I2S: Upgrade platform device
>> 15). ARM: S5PC100: I2S: Upgrade platform device
>> 16). ARM: S5PV210: I2S: Upgrade platform device
>> 17). ARM: S5PV310: Add audio platform devices
>> 18). ASoC: SMARTQ: Move to use new I2S driver
>> 19). ASoC: GONI: Move to use new I2S driver
>> 20). ASoC: SMDK64XX: Move to use new I2S driver
>> 21). ASoC: S3C64XX: Remove obsoleted I2S drivers
>> 22). ASoC: SMDK64XX: Rename for other platforms
>> 23). ASoC: SMDK_WM8580: Enable for SMDKC100
>> 24). ASoC: Samsung: Generalize Kconfig symbols
>> 25). ASoC: Samsung: Rename from s3c24xx to samsung
> These don't seem to apply on Linus' latest release
> (f6f94e2ab1b33f0082ac22d71f66385a60d8157f)?
> Also, do you have a git tree I can pull to test these?
These all, except the already applied 1st one, should cleanly apply to

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