[alsa-devel] [PATCH 00/25] ASoC: Overhaul Samsung drivers

Jassi Brar jassisinghbrar at gmail.com
Tue Oct 19 09:03:25 CEST 2010

From: Jassi Brar <jassi.brar at samsung.com>


Here come patches overhauling the Samsung ASoC support.

The AC97, PCM, SPDIF and ASoC-DMA related code has merely undergone
cosmetic changes - symbol, device & driver renaming and file moving.

A new I2S controller driver has been added to manage Samsung SoCs since
S3C64XX. Older driver has been changed only as is necessary.
Regarding I2S, I have left the s3c24xx series untouched because the
controllers are too different to run by a common driver. S3C2412's I2S
does have some similarities, but not important enough to warrant impact
on new driver design.
The new I2S driver has been designed around the notion of features/quirks.
The newer SoCs have revised version of I2S_0(usually) than previous ones.
So, I2S block is 'specified' in the platform code and the driver works on
that configuration.
For now, Secondary I2S DAI works only with System-DMAC. I2S-Internal DMA
and SRAM will be enabled later.

  Simple testing of 5.1 channel and hardware mixing seems to work (though
there seems to be some issue with symmetric_rates in soc-core.c which
would be tried to fix later as saperate issue).
 I would appreciate any test-results for GONI and SMARTQ.

I suggest the patches 13,14,16 & 17 go via Kgene's Tree, and the rest via ASoC
tree due to tight dependencies.

1). ASoC: WM8580: Remove useless assignment
2). ASoC: Samsung: Remove redundant AQUILA driver
3). ASoC: Samsung: Rename DMA device
4). ARM: Samsung: Define common audio-dma device
5). ASoC: Samsung: Rename ASoC DMA driver
6). ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 platform device
7). ASoC: Samsung: Rename AC97 driver
8). ASoC: Samsung: Rename PCM driver
9). ASoC: Samsung: Generalize DMA driver namespace
10). ASoC: Samsung: Rename s3c64xx I2S device
11). ASoC: Samsung: Add common I2S driver
12). ARM: S3C64XX: I2S: Upgrade platform device
13). ARM: S5P6440: I2S: Upgrade platform device
14). ARM: S5P6442: I2S: Upgrade platform device
15). ARM: S5PC100: I2S: Upgrade platform device
16). ARM: S5PV210: I2S: Upgrade platform device
17). ARM: S5PV310: Add audio platform devices
18). ASoC: SMARTQ: Move to use new I2S driver
19). ASoC: GONI: Move to use new I2S driver
20). ASoC: SMDK64XX: Move to use new I2S driver
21). ASoC: S3C64XX: Remove obsoleted I2S drivers
22). ASoC: SMDK64XX: Rename for other platforms
23). ASoC: SMDK_WM8580: Enable for SMDKC100
24). ASoC: Samsung: Generalize Kconfig symbols
25). ASoC: Samsung: Rename from s3c24xx to samsung


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