[alsa-devel] USB asynchronous mode feedback format

Julian Scheel julian at jusst.de
Thu Oct 14 17:43:08 CEST 2010

Am Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010, 17:28:19 schrieb Alex Lee:
> On Thu, 2010-10-14 at 13:58 +0200, Julian Scheel wrote:
> > One more question on the feedback: In your project you fo 10.14 for Full
> > Speed devices (which mine is - the AT91SAM7A3 can't do High Speed) and
> > 12.13 for highspeed. Why do you distinguish that way? Is your device
> > initialised in High Speed mode whenever it's connected to a Linux host?
> I started off with the assumption that with UAC1 in FS, the specs says
> 10.14.  However, I'm running the widget in HS (but still UAC1), so
> according to USB2.0 spec, the ISO feedback should be in 16.16 format.
> Later I found out that Linux uses 12.13 (for whatever reasons), so I
> changed the HS format to 12.13, leaving the FS format at 10.14.

Ah ok, I see...
Linux uses 12.13 in any case though? (Without the new patch of course)

> My project uses the AT32UC3A3, which can operate it both HS and FS.  So
> it can enumerate to be either a HS or a FS device depending on the PC/
> USB Hub's capabilities.  So the firmware has to cater to both cases.  We
> are also doing compatibility testing with Vista and Win7 (WinXP does not
> support rate feedback).  So we need to test HS and FS as well.  OSX can
> accept either 10.14 or 16.16 format, depending on whether the firmware
> sends it 3 bytes or 4 bytes in the feedback pipe, so it will work with
> FS or HS.

Ok, being compatible with al OSes seems to be a non-trivial task...

> We are also developing a version of the firmware for UAC2.  So we will
> have to figure out what format to use for UAC2 as well - most likely
> 16.16.  However, for Linux, we will need to wait for Clemens' patch to
> reach the distributions.  btw, there are other bugs in the alsa UAC2
> driver that Daniel has fixed, but the patches are not in the 2.6.35
> kernel - probably in 2.6.36 or 2.6.37.  So currently we have workarounds
> in the widget firmware for UAC2.

Good to know. So far I only do UAC1, but for 192kHz I will have to switch to 
UAC2... May I come back to you with some questions about UAC2 then?

> There are other incompatibilities as well.  For example, my current UAC1
> firmware has workable mute controls when running in Windows.  But in
> Linux, alsamixer cannot interpret the mute/volume controls.  The UAC2
> controls are interpreted correctly by alsamixer, though.

Odd... I only have one control so far, a PCM mute control... That one seems to 
work well in Linux.

> I looked at your scope traces.  DATA seems to be valid at the falling
> edges of SCLK.  According to i2S specs, they are supposed to be valid at
> the rising edges.  The relationship between LRCK and DATA looks OK (ie
> one SCLK delay from the LRCK edge), though.

Ok, fixed both issues. Uploaded a new capture:
This seems to be ok for what I can say... Do you agree?

> Do you get any analog output at all from the DAC?  Any noise at all?

Actually the module has a constant DC voltage of between 1.2 V on R+, 1.4 V on 
L+ outputs and between 2.2 V on R- and 2.6V on L- output....
Which actually is really odd as the I/V stage has DC block capacitors in it... 
This is the schematic of the DAC module: 


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