[alsa-devel] [BISECTED] 2.6.36 regression for ALC892

Andrey Rahmatullin wrar at wrar.name
Thu Nov 25 22:18:03 CET 2010

Hello. I have an Intel H55 motherboard (ASUS P7H55-M PRO) with ALC892
sound codec and a 3.5" front panel which doesn't support newer HDA pinout.
So the panel is connected in "AC97" mode and this mode is set in the BIOS
setup. In 2.6.35 and earlier the panel's headphones jack was working. Now
it isn't. I've bisected this down to
ce503f38bdb59c9175a9076215a3ba579fad4e64 (which is present in 2.6.36),
reverting it helps. I've got "Too many connections" messages without this
commit, indeed, but I had no problems (though I use only a pair of
speakers connected to the rear panel and headphones in the front panel).

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