[alsa-devel] [PATCH 1/5] [RFC]intel_hdmi_audio:include header

Bandarupalli, Sailaja sailaja.bandarupalli at intel.com
Thu Nov 25 05:59:35 CET 2010

Hi Mark and Takashi,
Thanks a lot for providing review comments for RFC patches.

> > +#define AUD_SAMPLE_RATE_44_1	44100
> > +#define AUD_SAMPLE_RATE_48	48000
> > +#define AUD_SAMPLE_RATE_88_2	88200
> > +#define AUD_SAMPLE_RATE_96	96000
> > +#define AUD_SAMPLE_RATE_176_4	176400
> The defines for the individual rates don't seem to serve any purpose
> here - they're just defined to the sample rate as an integer, and the
> one place they're used looks to be a switch statement where I found
> myself wondering why either standard ALSA defines or the raw numbers
> weren't being used.

We will use the standard ALSA macros if available otherwise will use 
raw numbers. Overall, we will use the standard definitions where ever
possible and clean the global variables.

Sailaja and Ramesh.

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